Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Destination : Sacramento, CA

As I recently mentioned I drove East to Sacramento, California.

This trip was in part an opportunity to see if a) I could live there b) if I could work there and c) is there wine there?

Fortunately, Sacramento is a metropolitan city complete with transit and commerce and housing.

Unfortunately, I didn't feel the need to plant my roots right away there but I did enjoy a lot of what probably be my future home.

There is a great Triple A Sacramento River Cats the cousins to the San Jose Giants. I was really surprised at the community feel of the event but equally how quiet the stadium was. The sound was really subdued compared to the coziness of the Municipal Stadium here in San Jose.

Clarksburg will start your wine trip complete with great BBQ where you can get your 411 complete with a tri tip sandwich that has the slaw inside and really good BBQ sauce.

I did get lost driving around in Sacramento but, just like Oz I found my way back courtesy of the El Camino.

Sacramento is right before you start the trek to Tahoe and Reno respectively and after Davis but there is about six or so little towns that you find yourself in and could easily plant yourself.

Sacramento is definitely growing from the farm to the Capital. There is also some question as to sustained growth given the current water conditions.

I will make a few more trips but when you spent so much time on the Coast as I have getting use to the dry air and bugs can take some getting use to.

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