Sunday, May 31, 2015

Food To Go

Since I have been traveling at a very young age I was always had "food to go" from a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich to box of crackers I was always prepared with food for travel.

Now, I find it somewhat ridiculous when people think they MUST pack for the trip some amount of food because you know the food is always more expensive over there.

Trust me I was surprised to see grocery store there too but a CostCo!
While I love to take beach trips and thus ensure I have a few basics from crackers to sodas to napkins and sporks ( yes sporks) sometimes I can over pack

This bag was stuffed for 2 ppl
But once you take everything out and put aside what you need to snack on well 
spread out 
So the basics for food to go is portability and with all the new "snack sizes" on the market you would think you don't need to take a mini refrigerator with you everywhere. 

Alas, you do because Ranch dressing even if its on the shelf should be cold keep in a cooler because boiled Ranch dressing isn't great with warm carrot sticks. 

Next, Peanut Butter and Apples great healthy snack idea until you get to the beach and you pull the snacks out and sand immediately goes into the peanut butter like a magnet. 

What to do? Well keep the separate snacks separated to save some of your sanity and instead of Peanut Butter try Honey in a squirt bottle or even honey packets - amazing life savers with a screaming toddler. 

Meats should be cooked unless you have a place to actually cook and I do mean cook this includes a place to dispose of the charcoal and aluminum foil. Most campgrounds and parks have BBQ pits and I highly suggest using / sharing those because while your space maybe perfect it could be the windiest spot in the whole area. 

Finally, that ice cream cake you thought would be great to have probably won't be eaten after a day in the sun and surf or walking thru woods. I am serious and keep it simple and you sane. There is very few beach/camps/ park that are not near an dessert shop from hand held ice cream cones to full on Sundaes.

Otherwise you may want to rent the Ford Flex with the refrigerator 
from Gearfuse 

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