Monday, May 25, 2015

Holiday Travel - Summer

Technically, Summer here in Silicon Valley starts in March or Easter. So our Summer travel plans usually take flight in mid April and don't touch down till Halloween.

But what are the best deals and destinations for summer holidays?
Honestly, Stay Home! Lately, between illness on the high seas and measles at Disney I could easily make the case for staycations and trust me those are pretty awesome.

Just in case you are looking for low cost and reasonable Summer vacays out of the way here are few destinations I am looking at

Eureka, California and Humboldt is perfect for a three day trip preferably when its warm enough to take a hike.

Next, there is Fort Bragg in California but there is Zipline in North Carolina! These are great ways to get away for the Fourth or Labor Day.

As a my wine adoration grows I wonder how many people would be interested in going to Willamette Valley in August ?

Check out the infamous Salton Sea? In the heat of summer you maybe surprised at what you find ! or just stay in your hotel room in San Diego too!

Finally everyone drives thru Mariposa to get to Yosemite but there isn't any reason you can not stay there instead.

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