Wednesday, May 27, 2015


While most of my travels have not been impacted by the sun too much I recently sat down on a bench for twenty minutes and proceeded to get baked, like a lobster fresh out of the pot baked.

Twenty minutes! That was all it took for me to begin to suffer the effects of not having sunscreen.

What does one have to do...
My mother started to use Bull Frog Sunscreen before it was popular as I have pretty much stayed away from anything but Banana Boat .

Yet, this year I realize I am going to have to depend on more than my foundation makeup to keep from having freckles again.

Fortunately, I get a monthly subscription to Birchbox ( and I am slowly getting more subscriptions :) and there is a great selection of sunscreens that I can slip into any bag to get away with.

The first one is Supergoop  or I could just grab a tote of Supergoop for $45 

One thing is the size is not indicative of the protection you can get considering that the MD Solar Science is only 1.7 ounces but has 50SPF

One thing about cooking bacon is that it smells wonderful but when you are all hot and sweating on the beach you may smell different that is where Coola comes in and makes you smell like the tropics

As for me ...I need some Aloe Vera preferably from Aruba 

now you should be ready for the summer

unsplash by Sarah 

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