Friday, May 29, 2015

Travel Gear and Safety

As you gear up for travel you tend to over look one important factor that well really isn't on our minds at all ...

until you get home that is.
Yes, you are some 200 miles east of your abode and suddenly you get a call from the alarm company telling you that your abode has been burnt to the ground, taken away by a tornado, or broken into.

It is not an experience to wish on anyone. Unfortunately, I have had the experience recently when I came back to my abode to see something was "out of place" I could not put my finger on it. I really didn't have a clue what it could have been but there it was missing an checkbook and old checkbook to an account that I thought I had closed.

I was screwed by my neighbor who had promised to "watch the place" well instead I got a call from a credit agency asking me about a check I wrote to Walmart for an $900 Television.

Trust me I had about $40 in my pocket and maybe another $40 in my new bank account so, no $900 TV for me.

I then had to go to the Police station and file an Stolen Identity form out and explain what I thought had happened. It was about two weeks later I found out my "neighbor" was the person whom took the book of checks and proceeded to be the thief for my mail of late.

Great! Now I get to not only file a Stolen Identity worksheet out again but now I have to file charges against my neighbor all because I didn't take the extra step of security before my travels.

What does that entail exactly well first off get Travel Insurance because you may need it because you have to run right back home because of your home being wiped off the face of the planet.

Next, did you know you can "lock" your bank account when you are out of town because tourist are the #1 target of pick pockets and you know where they hang out..hotel lobbies and bars because in a matter of minutes they can find out what room you are in, find out what your plans are and if you are not looking for a name badge literally grab your bags for you.

Finally, you can put an alert on your credit with the three agencies this allows no checks to be written or accounts opened.

In my case everything was settled except for the checks as I learned always take unused checks and write VOID across them period.

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