Friday, May 15, 2015

Upgrading hotel rooms

As you may be aware I have been a very frugal hotel room shopper. To that end I have enjoyed several stays at Motel 6.

That is until I read a yelp review...

I was heading to Sacramento and completely satisfied to stay at Motel 6 again. As usual I did my research.

Let me take a step back my research can be a little obsessive but, if I am happy with one stop shop like Motel 6 why would I need to research it still? Simply I know my "spider sense tingles" when I find a too good of price true.

As it turned out the $50 a night at Motel 6 was too good to be true from the reviews to the Yelp reviews I didn't want to pay more just to stay in a hotel room to sleep.

So, I simply contacted Motel 6 and asked them to verify that the property had been upgraded to the current state of basic tv, bed and room decor. Unfortunately, this was where the National Chain failed the local franchisee in responding to my inquiry. I simply got an email stating that I needed to address my concerns to the Hotel Management directly.

Uh? Either the National Chain realizes that the local hotel is updated or not. Their need to "defer to local management" also told me that this franchisee may no longer be part of the whole updating program and just may be paying the licensing fees to be recognized as Motel 6.

I did not even bother to contact the local Motel 6 and decided to pay a little more ($25 more) to stay with Courtyard at Marriott.

I based my decision on the two factors

  • Cost
  • Yelp Reviews
While I did over research I actually enjoyed my stay very much and found some amenities convenient which I would not experience at Motel 6. 

My stay for two nights was nice and I did check out my original Motel 6 and found the Yelp reviews to be more than reality than false. 

All in all, I am going to be staying at Motel 6 again in the relative near future but, I do know about alternatives could be an option..if I am going to be stay in the room for a significant amount of time. 

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