Sunday, June 14, 2015

Fourth of July Holiday Planning

In my previous position I would take a Friday or Monday off about every 6 weeks. I wasn't entitled I just had gobs of PTO and utilized it to the point of abuse. This would mean three day weekends were pretty common for me.

Now in my new position I enjoy a little bit different situation, leaving work by 4pm. I really do enjoy that more than I thought I would.

Seriously, if a Friday is slow I am usually out of the office by 3pm which means I can start my weekend trip excursion a little bit more relaxed and not worrying about a meeting or a missed email.

This year Fourth of July falls on a Saturday and the office will be closed on Friday so...yeah I will take Thursday off.

Nearly Five days off..the last time I took a full five days off was at Christmas but even then I still took a look at my email and popped into the office to go thru the mail.

So leave on Wednesday and head out of town? Look up local activities and stay homebound?

One problem with this scenario is there is so much to do...

A lot of people will be moving that weekend since its the first, in addition it really does start the countdown to The Super Bowl coming to town, and finally the Monday after means there is less than 60 days till Labor Day and the start of the Holiday season.

So I am going to ask is a poll and I need your feedback because seriously FOUR DAYS!!!! What to do

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