Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Play a Tourist on the weekday

Everyonce in a while I think about playing tourist here in San Jose just because I can and I am constantly surprised at what I find.

I highly suggest the same for you in your home town.
In Santa Barbara I discovered more than the Missions but, the Ronald Reagan Ranch  and I got to hang out all day from the Maritime Museum to the Wharf,

In Yountville I walked up and down finding historic landmarks and community parks among the million dollar restaurants and wineries.

In Newport, I spent a morning wondering around the Huntington Beach and Malls on a late evening where I found myself looking up more than down.

In Reno, I enjoyed a sunny afternoon visiting a friend but I really enjoyed walking from old town to the river walk.

Take a minute and look around you may find something more than just a landmark
or relic of yesterday.

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