Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Cruise ...maybe not.

Remember the Love Boat on TV you never heard or saw the havoc that can really happen on a boat.

Yet, in as many recent months and year, the news for Cruise lines have been anything but good.

After years of charging thousands of dollars and spending hundreds in marketing the seas of change are coming to the Cruise lines.

First, we are seeing smaller and more local cruise providers giving alternatives.

Second, the lawsuits are coming in class and en mass from civil to criminal ones especially where the provider is showing known negligence.

Thirdly, the purpose of a cruise ship is to make short trips and make lots of money, but that isn't happening instead cruise lines are double down on new markets from Cuba to China and hoping that will help balance the books.

Before disaster and general bad Public Relations struck the cruise line industry there was about 20 Billion dollars generated...yes BILLION dollars in 2013 but today its about 12 to 13 Billion.

The whole kit and kabodle is if you want to really take a vacation be prepared to spend about $1000 on an interior room but you will be on a boat for 7 days.
While there will be entertainment on board do know that sometimes you have to share a lot.

That said taking a quick trip around the islands maybe worth the trip especially if the whole point is just to break away from it all and trust me you can break away from it in a cruise ship.

It maybe worth the bang for your buck to go for a full 10 day cruise especially if you want to get away and enjoy your time off.

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