Saturday, July 25, 2015

Travel Budget

When I was looking forward to going to NYC for Blogher 15 I was gratiful that the ticket price was reasonable attend an blogger conference not the hotel, not the airfare and not time.

Since Blogher was going to be in New York in the middle of July I made an "comfort decision" and decided not to go..



Middle of July

6 hour flight

New York

While going to New York is a great idea I just was not in the mood to experience the humid and somewhat sticky situation that New York weather in the middle of July would be like.

In other words I didn't have the financial where with all to spend $500 on airfare and $500 on hotel with a $300 conference ticket and still have no money to go shopping.

Instead I tried to remove myself from the budget worry and enjoy Blogher from afar but even then I still saw people with babies in the heat something I do not enjoy.

So, now I am looking at a another travel event the Sunset Savor my hotel is only $337 my ticket is only $85 and my travel ticket is only $59 my other expense is a car which is about $300 too. The good news is I will have moola with me and I am taking four days off from work and its in the end of September and if I am lucky El Nino will be in China!

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