Thursday, August 27, 2015

Airline Eureka

While I like to drive a six hour drive is not something I look forward to. I was just driving to Sacramento and while it only took me 3 hours I still ended up regretting the whole traffic thing.

Hence you can only imagine my thoughts about going to Eureka, CA.

Also why I am thinking of spending nearly $500 to fly United from SFO to ACV because I need to spend more time on the ground than driving 300 miles.
It would be an hour flight and I can still grab a zipcar and find all there is about Eureka.

Yes, I am also looking at other routes too. Including the Train system which is 6 hours too!

While a nice bus ride is nice the route is thru the interior of California not the coastline.

One airline flies in and out with a direct route.

I think I can do this ...otherwise I find a bush pilot who would like to fly down the coast :)

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