Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Be a Good Ambassador

As the summer starts to get into the home stretch and the holiday season starts after Labor Day there is one thing that I find I do not like...

Tourists in my town.

As the Super Bowl looms menacing in the distance I realize with some sincere distaste for the tourists that will converge onto my little home town ( which isn't very little at all).

So can I just ignore them and be silent?

Carry a lot of San Jose maps with me or ...Volunteer for the Super Bowl  or what about an event that is happening too ?

It is hard...no it is VERY hard to commit to being the person "in the know" because you or me in this case wants to just enjoy the winter with all the trappings of a local.

Yet, the reality is I will have to deal with the tourists anyway because they will be EVERYWHERE.

As the past weekend Jazz Festival in San Jose and Outside Lands in San Francisco locals are invited but the reality is the cities run on the three day festivals tourist money. The roads are closed, bus routes are altered, the weather even adds some exciting windy thunderstorms, and in the end my washing machine broke so, I had to haul my now half washed clothes to the laundromat.

Hence, they found me..the tourists were on the wrong bus, couldn't find the train station and didn't know the Levi's stadium was near the lightrail. It was there and then I resigned to do exactly what I said I didn't want to do.

I carry maps of San Jose with me, I always have a number for an taxi cab company and a compass because while I know that Santa Clara Street turns into El Camino not everyone knows you can take the bus to the airport in addition to the lightrail.

Being a Good Ambassador doesn't require you to bite your tongue but know your limits...don't go looking for the tourists they will find you and if you don't know then simply say you don't know.

Whatever you do ...be good because everyone is just trying to enjoy A Day Off Now too.

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