Friday, August 7, 2015

Going to Central Coast Party...

I am very much a pathetic person whom makes plans to go and do things completely a full year in advance only to change my mind a dozen or so times.

I have been trying to go back to Yountville for a while now but, I have not forgotten trips via Sailboats in Santa Cruz and Baseball games in my backyard.

Yet, I have purchased tickets to go to the Central Coast. This is either a really good idea or it will be some horrible experiment to teach me a lesson in economics.

Which is why I am considering taking on a part time weekend job till my trip if for no other reason than to save up some money to enjoy during my trip. I even got insurance for this trip because the transportation to and from can be ...well difficult.

Still, I have arranged for my room and board, my tickets to event, my plans for the day before and after in addition to my backup incase of transportation failure.

Now, of course I am giddy as all get out realizing I probably won't have enough money or time or be stuck in my hotel room the whole time due to sweltering heat or something.

Hence, why I made my Holiday travel plans too. Yep, I made reservations for my trip after Christmas this year to "get away" and completely understand I may be stuck in my hotel room due to flooding or worse tornado warning.

There is even talk of snow this winter here in California yes, it may be the worst winter on record coming my way but, yet I am ready to go in a heartbeat because I travel now and weather I spend my time eating Ritz crackers and drinking cheap wine ...that sounds perfectly good to me too.

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