Sunday, August 2, 2015

I Travel Now...

I have been a horrible travel blogger. I spent the other day relaxing eating fish tacos and drinking wine sans a camera and computer. I relaxed as I looked over the water and watched the fog roll in.

I thought about this space and like my personal blog I have to create an editorial calendar which means scheduled posts, keywords, and pictures.


How do I turn the camera on me and tell you that photo is relaxed?

I have a cheap camera and while I appreciate the photos, these photos are not iconic or well made and make everything seem dingy or discolored.

I have to invest in a better camera.

I rather travel instead spending time driving a zipcar chasing the sunset and ordering wine.

I feel sympathy for people who don't "relax or let go" and at the same time treasure my escapes away where I might find water or wine.

One thing for sure is I do travel now which means I have to record my journeys for you.

Grab your bag I am heading out the door....

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