Monday, August 17, 2015

Need a new Go Bag?

I found out I have like six suitcases and fourteen bags ...seriously that is a lot but yet...I need a new Go Bag ...

20% Discount Sale - Vintage Samsonite Luggage Bag, Carry On Bag, Bowler Style Bag, Overnight Bag, Suitcase, Retro, Vintage Style this retro on Itsy is awesome and scream overnight ....but I got LOTS Of clothes ...

yet I am not so pretentious to get a monogrammed bag 

Yes I could be a cowgirl with this one

 yet none of these are screaming GO BAG to me. 
Remember the point of a Go Bag is to be seamless and not distracting from you because when you get away the point is to be all about you because really who else is going to remember you need a day off. 

This Kate Spade Saturday Bag is close to a Go Bag being stylish and compact 

Yet I am drawn to this one bag that apparently fits overhead compartments ...but will it hold wine? 

Yet I think it might be a color type of issue 

Whatever your fancy is please be sure to get a Go Bag and 


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