Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Repost : Dear Neighbor Don't Follow Me

As I prep for my upcoming travel I feel I should let my neighbors know I don't appreciate them when they follow me. ....

Hence a repost from 2013...

If you know I usually travel very light hence my "GO" Bag mantra. I also try to go at really odd times of the year or "off peak". You can imagine my dismay when I am a good 30 to 100 miles away from my home and I run into a neighbor. Hence here is my plea...

Dear Neighbor,
Its nice to live here in California. Any time of the year or day you can go from the coast to the mountains. I am planning the rest of my vacations for the year and I would like you to cooperate with me on this.
I know its nearly impossible for you to know I was in Monterey or Las Vegas or Santa Cruz but what are you doing on my vacation? How can I possibly pick up a guy at the bar if my neighbor is sitting nearby who has seen me take out the garbage in my favorite housedress? 
I was stunned when we "caught up " with each other in Las Vegas in the buffet line at Bellagio or what about at the living seashore at Monterey Bay Aquarium - even my coworker stayed away that weekend, why couldn't you? 
So hear my plea while I think you are a great neighbor and if your house was on fire I would whip out a water house on your behalf, but if you don't mind -do not follow me on my vacation! Its my vacation where I get to relax, drink a lot, eat a lot more, spend more money than I should and among other things. 
Maybe I could carbon copy this to my family? Granted we usually stay away from each other but sometimes we have to make reservations a year in advance so we don't conflict. 
I am going on vacation so if you don't mind please don't ask for any autographs! 
Thanks in advance,
Your neighbor who walks by everyday!

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