Friday, August 21, 2015

Repost ...Go Bag Time

I honestly now use my Go Bag like a Swiss Army knife because this bag is perfect for gym clothes and Going away ...I am looking forward to going away ...seriously...

It Is GO bag time!

If you are not aware of the powerful GO bag then please go out and shop for one right now.

A GO bag is your permission slip to relax and enjoy your time away from wherever you are from.

Seriously, you fill up your go bag with the basics from sunscreen lotion to spare underwear and you head out the door.

If you do not know where you are going...lemme help with that...

Las Vegas one night where you leave on a flight at 8AM arrive by 10AM drop off your bags at the hotel then take a walk for lunch at Earl of Sandwich  then go for aHelicopter tour or if you insist play cards or sit by the pool but you have to stop that to walk the strip at night and see all the lights. The 3 plus miles are light and filled with people and sights. Walk long enough to get an appetite to enjoy dinner and a show from David Copperfield to Comedy show its totally worth it by the time you get back to your hotel room just to wake in time to take a shower and vacate before you have lunch again at Rolling Smoke BBQ  and then back to the Airport to catch the 5pm flight home.

If you can't see yourself in Las Vegas then try Miami, Florida ...yes you can go to Miami on a night flight Friday landing on Saturday where you roll off the plane and find sandy beaches with a nice cabana where you plop down and sip Mai Tai's while watching the muscle boys. After you check in and get ready to hit the Miami Strip you might find yourself an NBA player or NFL player relaxing in the club where you find yourself. You make it back to your hotel room and wash off all the club atmosphere to wake up and have yourself an proper breakfast complete followed by a nice relaxing massage then you check out and hit the airport one more time to head home.

Miami doesn't sound fun and neither does Las Vegas then head up to Seattle, Washington where you grab an early morning flight on Saturday and arrive in time to check in and head over to the Experience Music Project after you grab an coffee from the original Starbucks then go to the Pier and find yourself dinner and a show. Then head back over to the hotel to wake up early and find yourself in a boat cruising the Seattle Bay finding yourself surrounded by whales commuting up to Alaska.

Trust me the GO Bag will help you and gives you permission to do

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