Sunday, August 9, 2015

Sleep Vacation

I get horrible insomnia where two or three weeks I don't dream but toss and turn in fretful sleep. Recently, I apparently aged and unlike cheese I didn't get better; as my doctor told me this is the course of my life.

I would have better advise from an veterinarian alas, I tend to try to make sure I sleep when I go on vacation.

I will take sleep aids and do everything possible to sleep in on my vacation.

  1. Brush teeth and wash face
  2. Have vacation sleepware specifically cute and comfy wear to go to bed in
  3. Take Sleep aids just in case. 
  4. Do strenuous exercise during day so I am physically ready for sleep. 
  5. Turn off or silence all phones ...make sure alarms are off. 
Try not to get sick on trip. I take some vitamins with me just in case. 

I also try to drink tea instead of coffee during my trip. While I indulge in wine and other diet contraband during my vacation I am serious about getting 8 hours or at least 7.

Yet, during my trip to Santa Barbara I woke up a mere 5 hours later bolted out the door at 7:30 am and had a stress test that rivaled the President getting a call that the Russians are coming to New Jersey for a slice of pizza. ( I was late getting to an event :( 

It was the worst really it was. I made it back from my trip but all I wanted was to sleep. 

So my trip to Sacramento, I stocked myself with sleep aids and suffered a worse fate ...noisy neighbors at 1am after falling to sleep at took me another three hours to "fall" back asleep. 

I couldn't exercise harder on either trip and yet I fail at the whole sleep on my vacation thing. 

So during the weekends I try to train my body to accept sleep and practice my sleep ritual for vacation but both the Doctor and Vet told me that isn't what I need to do. I need to practice sleeping everyday. 

Yeah Right. 

I don't use sleep aids daily I try to do my practice. 
Brushing my teeth so I don't snack. 
Putting my Pandora on Peace Radio
Drinking ice cold water ..don't ask but it helps a lot more than I thought
Stretching seriously this is hard to do but I force myself to do it just because it does help "Jump" out of bed. 

Otherwise my next vacation in a few weeks will be awesome time to catchup on sleep. 

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