Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Travel Size Deals

I am now in my full blown subscription box fever ...i have 3 (THREE) subscription boxes ...and the only reason I don't do an upgrade or get a full size subscription is because I am cheap. No, really $10 is manageable to me somehow and I find it nice to get a box in the mail since my siblings have stopped sending me stuff.

Now, I have a lot of good travel size items from health and beauty to my new adoration of Ipsy.

Yet, I love seeing Travel size BULK ...I wish I was kidding... I am now going to Dollar Tree and finding some amazing deals for stuff for a $1 and trust me when I go to Walmart or Target and see some stuff for $3 I kinda balk and head over to the dollar store.

Now granted I don't need 7 day pill boxes or pill keychains but, what about one time use mouthwash? like 24 of them ?  Or little soap? Not gel but a bar

Amazon has been my go to place and its good to go there especially for people in the military ...Care and Comfort does good and so does many other nonprofits so if you do purchase mass quantities of sample/travel size please consider giving to your local shelter.

I only found out about the Bulk Travel size stuff courtesy of the sunscreen I got :)

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