Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Traveling with Wine ....

I have found my need for fermented grapes to be stronger than say my need for financial success.

Therefore my travels include my desire for wine, sangria and ports. Maybe a sherry or two will be discovered but for the most part, I will drink a white or red wine somewhere in my effort to "get away".

This has included an ambitious thought of carrying wine with me to sand and surf. Since, I have discovered a little beach over there that is a nice bus ride I have toyed with the idea of lounging on the sand with book in hand and wine glass in other.

That is after I have shaved my legs I have to find the wine to go with me.

Stack wines have provided the tonic now I have to keep it cold and hence my quandary.  Even with boxed wines providing a clean way to pour my wine I am still stuck on chilling my Moscato or Chardonnay and keeping a Cabernet cooler than the recent heat wave.

Do I freeze a dozen ice packs and stuff my wine inside hoping to survive my 90 minute trip and 95 degree sand temps?
Do I take a fishing rod and "dip" my wine in the ocean hoping @Shark_Katherine isn't thirsty ?

Its difficult to say but the insulated picnic baskets have come a long way but, I am still stuck dedicating one "pack" to wine and that adds bulk to my already overburden beach gear...including :

  • Chair
  • Beach towel
  • beach blanket
  • beachwear ( changing into sundress ) 
  • beach refreshments ( food ) 
  • Book
  • Sunscreen, wallet, shoes ( flipflops and sandals)
Compacting things are great but carrying about 30lbs of stuff adding a bottle of wine to the mix is just overkill. 

Not to mention even using a wine backpack with ice I still have the chair and other stuff to carry. 

I have practiced not bringing anything more than one bag that had my wallet and electronics ( fyi sand and keyboard ..just no trust me ). There is restaurant nearby my beach but I wasn't in the mood for the wine and ended up going into the Target and Costco because I didn't feel my stuff was "secure" on the beach. 

So my goal next weekend is to go to the beach and stay on the beach for the full time ...not lolly gag into retail shops looking for another chair. 

and I am going to take the bus ! 

I might need some bungee cords and a Sherpa. Though I wish so very much to take a dog with me too....

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