Saturday, August 15, 2015

Winter Travel Plans

As I think of everyone and anyone whom is coming to Oz for the SuperBowl I can't help but think how i am going to GET OUTTA HERE.

So Reno isn't far and there is some amazing deals for Halloween / Day of the Dead weekend leave on Friday afternoon and come back Sunday night?

I miss Yountville and spending Thanksgiving there sounds awesome and then going to Carmel for after Christmas chillax-in' appeases me to no end.

Yet, I know of certain relatives whom trek a whole lot differently...
There is annual trips to Yosemite in September/October which is a great time of year to go...

The Hawaiian Islands might be calling you and I totally do recommend a holiday there but I won't go maui is gone and a CostCo killed it.

There is New York or even Seattle, Washington where you can catch a flying fish.

but what about Puerto Rico or Cuba...mmm I got travel on my mind and once the Super Bowl moves on I know I won't leave the comfy zone of my abode except I think there is a party happening on the beach.

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