Thursday, September 10, 2015

Bueller's Day off ..Today ?

Recently I got a flashback to a time when the only thing I worried about was getting pregnant and not graduating high school.

Yup, I watched a bunch of John Hughes movies one got me thinking if there was an update what is the basic costs to do such a day?

First off we need to talk about that beautiful car a Ferrari California that purred along the Chicago waterfront. To rent one today you need maybe only to go to the PayDay loan on the corner of Nob Hill in SF because you need about $2K and trust me they won't take a rubber stamped check.

Now Day Trading is great but rarely do you get a tour for the heck of it. In New York you can pay $50 to see where some stuff was shot at like a movie or pay $1000 for a group of people to get some Q&A too. Yup, you can no longer just sit in a fishbowl and look down at the traders.

Enjoy walking up 1,353 feet and looking straight down for $20 just don't think of giving up your lunch from Saison type which could be over $100 per person. Yet just in time to break out your own parade to sing along to Sinatra.

If you do decide to relax a little seaside check out a few beachfronts  with about $10 for parking depending how long you stay too.

The cheapest part of your day off is the materials to replace a plate glass window for about $8 but labor is going for $100 plus more if you ask for a speedy repair.

Now aside from the technology to accommodate your day off ( sound machine $10, voice changer $179, Rent a Dog Actor $300 a day plus incidentials, Backup singers $500 just to name a few items) Even Oreo's at $3 and a six pack of Pepsi is now $4.59.

Your Day off didn't even include three tickets for left field seats are Wrigley Field at $75 each so you may need let's say about $5K? That doesn't include the insurance needed so about a half a million?

Oh and in case you wanna go down memory lane check this guide out too

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