Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Bulk Travel Size Deals

As I look ahead at the possible flood gates actually opening up I am looking at buying items in bulk.

Why? Simply this last trip made me realize that while I can travel with my larger than life size shampoo and conditioner I don't need to.

Especially, since I am going to a metropolitan city.

So I actually got bulk order of shampoo and conditioner and body lotion and a bar of soap online ahead of my travel.

Whoo Hoo! It worked out great ..but wait you say what about my Birchbox, Ipsy and Bulu subscriptions aren't those travel sizes..yes but mostly makeup.

In a quick look for less than $100 you too can purchase a travel kit and get about 36 packs completely made up already so you just throw in your travel bag and go.

You can also buy cases at local Dollar stores so if there is 36 in a case...you only pay 36 dollars!

From Amazon to eBay I found a few great deals and trust me I am surprised at what I did find for a reasonable amount.

But what about the extras? Yes having more than 90 more pieces isn't a problem as I gave those away to charities.

Wait if you had 96 pieces what happened to 6 pieces. Well I am traveling about three more times this year so two per travel was enough.

What if you couldn't give them away?
HAHAHAHAHAHAHa...wait a minute you doubt my abilities to give stuff away?

Aside from making a lot of quick gifts or just handing items out to complete strangers on the bus I can make 90 items disappear pretty quickly.

What about storage because you know "Winter is coming" Let's see ...most boxes are like 16x16x12 so not that hard to place conveniently near the front door where housemates can grab one on their way out.

Also, everywhere and everyone needs an emergency kit. Courtesy of Ipsy I have a small emergency kit now with some essentials.

Because having watched MacGyver I know a little bar of soap can do a lot!

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