Friday, September 18, 2015

Chamber of Commerce, Wine Groups and Movies

I try to get out of my headspace at least once a month and socialize.
Granted, I also have to put on a party once a month but that is work and my socializing skills are regulated to making sure there is enough wine.

For the record I am a heavy pour of wine.

That said I still try to socialize in the best way possible and one way is to attend events with other groups of people.

In Oz you can usually find a Chamber of Commerce event faster than you can spend $2000 on rent. The only thing is ...which Chamber of Commerce?

There is one in Gilroy to the one in Palo Alto and trust me they have lots of fun in Sunnyvale and Campbell too. The real problem is that there is usually more going on at the same time on the same night.

Remember I am trying to socialize and I like wine so what about like Bottle and Bottega where I can paint and drink...mmmm

Have you heard about 48 hour Film event? Its better than a kickstarter campaign and totally fun to do if you like to watch films.

The thing is that this isn't exclusive to just Oz, but should you find yourself looking for something to do in say Atascadero?

Or you really are interested in the world of farming in Portland?

What about Roller Derby in Phoenix ?
What ever your fancy is check out Chambers, Wines, and Movies you should be able to find something to do...

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