Saturday, September 12, 2015

Oh My! Santana Row how could I forget you.

To be honest as a Oz-phile I should not adore Santana Row because its inception brought forth the newest indulgence of the millennial and european nouveau riche that was considered the prime example of gentrification of what once was called San Jose in 2002.

Yet, I could not stay away, infact I fell in love with Santana Row about 12 years ago courtesy of Vintage Wine Merchants.

I also loved it because of Club One where I would work out and then head downstairs and eat decadent pomme frits. I didn't lose any weight but oh my gosh did I love spending days on the row.

I realize now why I do not go to the Row as much, but when I do its always nice to enjoy a little something something.

Why not spend a weekend at The Row? Well, let me take you over there to see what you can enjoy and find because trust me even in the rain The Row is pretty amazing
The first thing about Santana Row you will notice is its considerable great location almost kitty corner to not one but four freeways and two expressways. This makes driving to Santana Row on a Saturday night nearly impossible unless you just want to drive the row which is apparently a thing.

True, if you are renting a nice Maserati to show off on a warm fall night but be warned this row is exclusive to the Teslas  Yes, it can be pretty embarrassing for the one lone waiter driving his father's Datsun just trying to get to work and find a parking space.

True to form, Santana Row is building up condominiums and parking garages like there is no tomorrow, but also office space right next door to a Senior Condoplex  ( darn it -there is my gentrification example or wait maybe I am thinking of the mobile home park that has been sold ).

I can't be mad about it when I will gleefully head over to Santana Row all dolled up looking for Mr. Right. Unfortunately, my thighs are not the right size and my mouth won't stay shut and I don't giggle, so if I do go over to Santana Row its because of the venerable oasis it presents from the rest of the world.

I sat down at El Jardin and was transported to Spain while I sipped on Margaritas and noshed on Mexican Wings listening to the crooners. I tried so many times to just sit and enjoy but my hips had to move and trust me the waiters don't mind taking a spin on a the limited dance floor. Yet, I can't make a fool of myself no more and will head my slightly buzzy brain over to the cinemas. Yes, I commit the horrible crime of paying $15 for a ticket at CineArts theater but sometimes when you want to watch Gone with the Wind this is where you go.

After the movie you can find me shopping in Z Gallerie for something I really do not need but I want it anyway. Maybe I am too predictable because I will head down now for something I really don't need at Paper Source like pens, papers, and stamps that I just have to have.

My shopping spree takes a break as I make my way to the VBar that is still cool but we desperately miss the days of manicures and martini's. You can sip a $15 drink and look down at the lemmings.

Since the bookstore left you are kinda stuck if you just want to people watch but that isn't a problem since most nights there is musicians playing in the plaza or you can situate yourself on one of the many cafes and slowly sip your caffe which you will find several weary males doing as women do what they do best and shop seriously.

While my thighs and waist would need to be vacuumed sealed women go to Santana Row to shop and get beautiful from spending hours in home furniture stores to getting samples of luxury sweets women go there to be seen and see who is there..its dangerous jungle to tread on.

Yet, I am selling the men short because there is a cigar lounge in which men will sit and have the most incredibly slowest burning cigars I have ever known. Its delish to walk in, but trust me unless you know your stiletto  from your gordos do not bother the boys they are trying to avoid thinking about their savings going up in smoke as their significant others drop thousands on a Kate Spade coin purse.

The fact is you need to schedule your hair and nails to be done about three months in advance and a year in advance for your wedding party. To say the wedding trains in June is insane is an understatement. You can try to stay at the Valencia Hotel but most likely you will probably stay downtown instead - even in the "off season" because this year with the Super Bowl all the hotels especially the Valencia has about 25% price increase.

While the prices for most makeup and hair is still reasonable you will have to like it or hate it. I still can't believe I spent $175 in 2005 for curls and waves that lasted all of three hours. Yet the Blow Dry bars today are reasonable just know what you are getting may only last two events that night.

Because after you finish your people watching you need to get your dancing shoes on and be ready for the floor there is not just one place but a few spots that would find you dancing the night away from a sudden dance floor on the patio to a restaurant change a a room revealing a dancefloor beneath.

Fortunately, that same restaurant or Vintage Wine Merchants will have mimosas waiting for you to chase back the throbbing headache of the Las Vegas like soiree you attended the night before.

Yet, Santana Row, while I could easily sell my soul for a pair of Pliner footwear I don't forget this space is an indulgence perfectly acceptable even by heavens' standards.

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