Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Take the Train...and slow down

I admit to being a neurotic about travel especially since I plan and prepay for just about everything ( no, really I even had a coupon for a local restaurant for my recent retreat ).

So, traveling by Amtrak train should be easy, a snap...pie with whipped cream and cherries easy.
Except for my neurosis.

You see I am my daddy's little girl and getting to places on time is something I just inherited from watching the airplanes land and take off for hours.

I was very impressionable at 3 years old and it was like tv.

So, when I thought it would be great to take a train for an estimated 4 hours I scoffed at the idea I would be bored.

I was so very wrong.

I nearly started to tear off my toenails by hour two I was so frigidity and even playing a lone game of solitaire did not suffice my fingernails suffered.

Pulling my hair out was not really an option but I nearly did it anyway because...


It is no one's fault except for when I asked the conductor ...he told me the train was only going as fast as the tracks would allow.


Word to the wise ...never ever tell anyone this every again.

What he should have enlighten me to is the fact that there was more than 10 cars and traveling at a faster speed would have been a mathematical solution to a train derailment.

But NNNOOOO... he tells me it is the tracks the train is on

What? I swear I could have jumped out of the train and ran beside it the whole way and would have gotten back home sooner.

I am not kidding

The train was going like 25miles per hour which is actually faster than I can run but let me dream.

I did my best to not go full time ninja neurotica on the poor conductor but he is so lucky I love solitaire ....

I obviously made it back in one piece but I totally whooped my fellow passengers because on top of being the slowest train to Medford, OR the dinning car was at capacity and there had to be strange drawing of the straws of when people could sit and eat an $18 sandwich.

yes Eighteen Dollars for a Sandwich on a train traveling 100 miles at 25mph.

That is why you MUST slow down...I had a loaf of Pesto bread and coke...heaven !

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