Monday, September 14, 2015

Travel by USPS ?

I am always looking at alternative ways to travel or use different travel services.
Recently, I was watching a package I sent to Baltimore.

Trust me what you don't appreciate is...I could not believe...
The Route one box took ....

First the box was in the zipcode 95113 then when I came in the morning I dropped the box off apparently at 95101 then the box went to 95120.

In a period of roughly 24 hours the box traveled over 31 miles. That was just to leave San Jose.

If I followed that same path let's say I want to go to Salt Lake City. I would take a 30 mile back and forth journey by walking ...very slowly.

While I was dismayed by the trek my package appeared to be taking I am glad USPS has not gotten into the travel business


I would love to go to Baltimore for just $15.

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