Saturday, September 26, 2015

Traveled 2015 and Travelling in 2016

I  really can not believe how much I have traveled in the past two years more or less this year.

Sacramento was fun and Santa Barbara was eye opening while I head to San Luis Obispo I really am thinking about all the time I spend in Monterey and Santa Cruz.

I still have one more trip planned for this winter and I might sneak in a quick trip to Napa or Reno still unsure of which.

So for 2016 I think I am going to make one more trip to Sacramento but I am actually looking forward to going to Yosemite.

This is after a trip to Humboldt and spending a weekend in Capitola.

I will probably jet over to Las Vegas for something if anything.

Why not go to Hawaii? I just do not feel the need to go there because its lost all its charm to me.

Why not Baltimore? That is more a week long vacation probably 2017 just because there is a lot to do and I'll need to figure out my own agenda.

Honestly, if I can't have fun in my own backyard why should I go to somebody elses?

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