Monday, September 28, 2015

Visiting for the Super Bowl, Check out Campbell

As thousands of people head to the San Francisco Bay Area there is some great events and places to try.

One Place is Campbell.

I use to live in Campbell but, honestly Campbell is only 15 miles at most and even half of that is river beds and highway 17.

The idyllic parts of Campbell actually go East to West from Meridian Ave to Saratoga Ave and the narrow body of the town that use to be orchards with a Water Tower is pretty darn great considering all the amenities.

First, There is the Campbell Express for which you will need to be "in the know" next there is the Westgate Mall but you really want to check out the REI store because aside from having awesome Earthquake kits you can become a shareholder.

Now, I love the four foot burritos at UnaMas right near the gateway of Campbell because if you do decide to take a walk you will need some good food to get you thru it.

I found the Cinelux $5.50 movies to be the best deal in town and check out the Midnight showings and Movie Sing alongs.

Speaking of the Arts you need to find Tessora's for  at only $35 its a great way to express yourself.

Campbell actually has over 5 parks inside its city limits but the biggest one is pretty hard to miss as it intersects with the Los Gatos Creek Trail.

Campbell has an Industrial park and city center complete with jail and the Ainsley House where you can pretty much have any party you want but getting married there is good luck too.

Campbell is also home to Recycle Bookstore that is just awesome if just for their paws.

Staying in Campbell means you should stay at the Campbell Inn or Pruneyard Inn both are centrally located but I have preference for Pruneyard.

So..coming for the Super Bowl check out Campbell if just for a little vino ( there are three wine bars now !!)

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