Thursday, September 24, 2015

Visiting San Jose

Are you going to come all the way down 101 and visit friends, family to see the sights and the Facebook campus.

You are going to fly right past Facebook and find yourself in San Jose.

It is only fair to tell you about some stuff to do and see while you are here.
If you have not taken the tour of Winchester Mystery House it is way better than the Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz. If you can take the flashlight tour of Winchester so much the better.

Next, you want to see a real 3D movie you should head over to The Tech Museum or IMAX movie.

The skating under the Palms won't be ready until Halloween so in the meantime check out Sharks Ice  it is also really close to Happy Hollow Zoo which always a great place to go.

When you are in San Jose aside from Santana Row and lots of shopping malls there is a ton theaters and shows going on from The California Theater to Montgomery theater there is usually a great show going on.

Finally, you can find a great local venue hosting new upcoming talent from the Poor House Bistro with Blues that compliments most of the headliners at the SAP center.

You can get most everywhere via public transit and most of the Uber / Taxi cabs know where you hang out late at night and will be there waiting for you.

If you need a place to lay your head and the AirBnB you saw was a tent then check out the Motel 6 on The Alameda before Race Street or The Fairmont.

San Jose has lots of walkable sites and hanging out at a mall isn't as special as checking out the Museum of Art.

Look out for Happy Hours at Mosaic  where you will be in walking distance of not one but three movie theaters and two comedy clubs and three grocery stores just incase you want to go back to your hotel room or need to pickup some flowers.

This is just San Jose...and trust me there is more...

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