Friday, September 4, 2015

Weather Forecast : El Nino is coming to California

One reason I was hesitant to plunk $300 down for the VIP experience for two to go to SLO was because the weather forecast
El Nino is expected to bring rain and hard winds and more rain and our ground is dry so it will quickly fill up and overflow.

Now imagine slogging thru the mud in 80 degree heat courtesy of a short storm and a fire in the hillsides. Not a great combination.

As we have gotten use to the haze of the fire season that is not expected to end until the first of November. We have gotten use to a spike in the thermometer until 5pm then a rapid cool down. We have great expectations for El Nino to put a huge dent in the slowly evaporating water tables, ponds, lakes up and down the state.

Just can we have it come after we are done celebrating fall and we fix the stadium grass at Levi's? While the El Nino has been called Godzilla among other terms the fact is that we need the rain and slogging thru bad weather is hard enough but it is worse when you have paid hard earned money to go to an event that is now cancelled due to weather.

So, you know I am watching the forecast like a hawk having planned out my outfits I have an emergency set of jeans and shirts with heavy jacket in one suitcase.  I also have a back up plan if I am indeed stuck in my hotel room for three days courtesy of toppled trees and washed out roads.

My trip to Napa is planned way in advance complete with great pajamas for lounging in a hotel room complete with HBO movies and popcorn just in case of rain.

So my suggestion... is plan your trip but have your insurance also for travel delays and cancellations because El Nino doesn't care about your reservations and celebrations he is chasing El Nina and trust me she is smoking Hot!

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