Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Where to go to get in the know...

If you are heading someplace I sincerely recommend that you check out said place very very thoroughly and one way to do that is ...

Travel Guides.
Yet, travel guides are paid advertising and rarely have insights like the best road to take to get to the park that is having the party that is a must to attend.

So...Insider Guides are the next big thing ...right?
Let's start with Dallas, Texas by Southern Living its pretty straight forward but the reality is ...who doesn't want to hang out in Dallas?

I admit I read Cup of Jo not because I have kids and are married no, but there are some great tips on living in New York  

If New York isn't your speed there is always Chicago but really if you were going to go West you should head to San Francisco.

As the Super Bowl barrels its way to Oz I will take a minute and share some realistic stuff to do that weekend ...unless you are playing a football game that is.

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