Monday, October 5, 2015

Not so VIP

Recently, I have notice being a VIP isn't all its cracked up to be.

Aside from spending nearly twice as much as regular plebs, VIP isn't all that.
Case in point, when I went to a magazine event that had the VIP tickets with an hour early entrance to event I wasn't sure that was worth the extra $70 for the price.

There wasn't a lot of benefit with the VIP experience, each event was still a cost and you still had no discernible benefit from the experience except you paid more.

I guess getting an extra big gift bag is great but not really worth an additional $60.

I would consider the ZAP festival worthy but at nearly $3K I can't justify staying a night in a hotel room just to drink wine. Even now with Zinfandel having its day ( November 18th ) nationally.

I would need a little more for that ...add it one and one time with a grape farmer, a politician, and a wine distributor I might kick down $1,500.

Okay, maybe I am asking too much.

Yet, I can't help I need a massage with my wine or delicious prepared meal with a chef ..I guess what I would like is :

  • The staff to know my name 
  • My bags taken to my room as I am given a $100 gift card to spend on "goodies"
  • My first event to be that evening showing of a movie about wine
  • My morning breakfast to talk to a grape grower in a small group about the actual process
  • My mid morning event, oh shucks lets' head out on boat for a bit 
  • My lunch is on the boat maybe a cooking demo too? 
  • My mid afternoon event ...on horseback going thru the vineyards 
  • My evening event wine tasting and food.
  • My fun night dessert and dancing 
Okay I should just stop

I can't dance

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