Saturday, November 7, 2015

Joe's Room with a View

Recently, on a new travel booking site I found a friend's room up for rent for a weekend stay.

Apparently, his commuter room that is furnished and complete with a bathroom and a small refrigerator Monday thru Friday is being rented out again on the weekends by his landlord as part of a BnB.

Now, I will admit Joe* (not his real name) has a nice family and home in Los Banos but instead of schlepping back and forth during the week he has a commuter room in Cupertino.
He drives up on Monday morning, goes to work and by 7pm he "checks in" to his room aka putting his clothes for the next four days up and he might stay in or go out ( depending on his plans ).
On Friday morning, he has his things packed and takes them to work with him as he usually leaves around noon or after lunchtime activities to head back to Los Banos.
He doesn't leave anything behind as he once learned not to do that.

He wasn't fully aware of the situation but his understanding was that the landlord's child came home on the weekends.
When I showed him the advertisement he giggled because he was suspicious of such activity when the single use coffee maker was installed in the room. The landlord explained it was just a convenience they thought to add. Then the toiletries were new including hand towels no longer ornate but really soft and "pretty".
What got Joe* upset was the cost for the convenience of staying in that space. The landlord was doubling up the amount of money. As Joe stays 4 nights and "checks out" by 7am on Friday for the mere $770 a month; the weekend stay in the "Private Cupertino Room Retreat" is just $150 a night with check in by noon on Friday and check out by noon on Monday, complete with Saturday Wine Reception and Sunday Brunch coupons.

While he mentioned it rather casually to the landlord that he saw the listing ( he has a wedding anniversary coming up ) all the landlord did was remind him he had been staying there for over a year and they thought he'd move on by now. Joe* quickly let the subject drop as fear of being evicted even from his temporary weekly shelter is not an option considering he is expecting a new baby next year ( the wedding anniversary was really nice anyway).

Why am I relating this to you? Simply, if you do decide to stay in "a room" be sure to double check that the source / home is reputable as Joe* double checked his rental agreement that the space he considers home Monday thru Friday is his upon agreement because one thing that is true in Oz.
Space if very valuable.

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