Monday, November 9, 2015

Visiting for SuperBowl : Sacramento is just a short drive away

While staying in Sacramento may not be ideal it maybe way more affordable than elsewhere.

Granted, driving three hours to Santa Clara on Super Bowl Sunday is not in your plans but your budget may tell you otherwise.

There are several towns along the way from Martinez to Walnut Creek to Albany and each has unique features. I highly suggest you do check out said towns for reasonable hotels but, you may still end up in Sacramento.

Now, you are probably waiting for me to tell you to take the train to and from Sacramento which is totally your option but given you can park your car in SF and take Caltrain down to Santa Clara maybe more feasible.

Yet, your plane lands Wednesday night and your big ticket item aka Super Bowl ticket freezed you out of any of the other "festivities" so the money you save may be the best deals in Sacramento.
First off, there is a good amount of shopping and if you get on Garden Hwy its also Jefferson Ave. There is also an El Camino Ave...get use to these two streets they pretty much run the entire length of town.
Next there is Olde Sacramento basically your fancy spot next to the stadium where the Sacramento River Cats play and its a nice stadium I totally recommend if you have a chance to go see a game or musician take a gander there.

On Friday, head over to Carmichael, CA and there is a little something to find whether at the Sugar Mill or some BBQ that is really good.

On Saturday, Take a tour of the Capitol Building  then head over to the Railroad Museum for a tour too. Finally, end your date night with a tour of the Sacramento River  because you have an early night to get up in time for kickoff you will want to drive a bit thru the towns for a good breakfast on the way and have time to take that tour of Alcatraz before you board the train to Santa Clara for the Super Bowl.

Totally worth saving dollars on hotel room and such when you can stay in Sacramento and Play.

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