Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Your Holiday Travel Plans

Remember when in May I talked about staycation 

In August I said to get your tickets to Go? 

I was not kidding. Just recently KSBW did a segment on the increase for the hotel rooms for the Super Bowl.

So, yes, you should be booking your hotel rooms for next July's vacation today.
And if you are like me you know that in August is the Blogher event in Los Angeles.

My problem is because of the Super Bowl even my Off Season has a season!

I am trying to figure out a quick getaway to Napa and I have to go some weird March date to get a reasonable rate ( aka not my birthday month ). Even Motel 6 is over a hundred dollars.

Folks, I wish I was joking but between weather and premier events if you don't have travel plans...get some.

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