Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas : Remember someone is missing their family today

While I was going to take the full week off and spend time in a hotel room I thought naught.

I find the practice of going on vacation during a major holiday distasteful. Granted, people do it and people also still visit zoos but maybe we should refrain once in a while.

Why? The people that have to fill the concession stands, the gas stations, the food counters.

Should Disneyland be open on Christmas Day ? I don't know but the reality is that there was a parade and it was televised so a whole bunch of people didn't get to open presents with their family just to have you watch Arianna Grande look cute while she jumped around on a float belting out autotune holiday songs.

The camera pans over the crowd and there is the Smiths, Barneys, and many more families together watching an young adult prance around and lipsync.

Behind those families is a retail clerk counting the very minutes she has left to go out into the weather, run and grab something most likely cranberries and be home to wish her family Merry Christmas.

Near the retail clerk is an middle aged man still recovering but he is pushing a trash cart and has an broom and bin to pick up whatever waste the families drop on their way cavorting around the park. He has a full 8 hours of this and he is just hoping there will be some leftover holiday food so he can have something to eat today because he doesn't have anyone waiting for him at home because his partner has to work the night shift at Walmart that opens at midnight and the last bus leaves at 6pm the time he gets off work and will walk 3 miles to get home because he does not have a car.

After the retail clerk and the sanitation worker there is a security guard making the rounds at the hotel retail park. He is super vigilant and is hoping his relief shows up tonight because he is going to head straight from here to his second job at the Gas station where he is a clerk security meaning he is the clerk. He has to work two jobs to pay for his newborn in the hospital born two weeks ago. His wife is also still in the hospital and the bills from the hospital don't stop for the holiday.

When the pope asks us to return to simple things it is important to remember while you maybe on vacation enjoying the festivities there are hundreds of people behind the counter striving to make the day go by faster because it is not a holiday for them as they are at work yesterday, today and tomorrow trying to make ends meet.

Next holiday if you don't mind think of others behind the counter and do better to support them instead of your own selfish need.

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