Thursday, January 21, 2016

Food on Vacation

Aside from my purposeful trip in October I am not really thinking about food when I go on vacation.

In fact, the last couple vacations have been about food without me knowing it.
As I navigate the Phase 2 of my weight loss I have to think more about food.

It was actually very sad to realize how much food is surrounding us when I did think about my trips.

Case in point, the weekend of my birth I plan to enjoy wine and more wine but if weren't for hockey game in February I would be going to the Taste Awards in San Francisco.
Instead, I am looking forward to the Redwood Jazz festival in Eureka April 1st and I still am not going to think about food so much as the travel to and fro.

After that I am heading to Anaheim for the VidCon in June and my hotel is right next to Disneyland ...its going to be hard to NOT eat something fun during my turn there.

This doesn't include all the regularly happening trips to the coast for a bowl of Clam Chowder and a glass of Chardonnay. Let me not forget to sit over at Basil for a brief respite before hiking up and down Carmel.

All the while trying to drink water instead of soda eat greens instead of meat and generally cook.

While I give myself a cheat for vacation ...I can't say food won't be on my mind.

Or was on my mind.
In Monterey, I was despondent over the clam chowder having little to no clams in them. The high price accompanying most items were not too surprising except I really was on a budget.
I found my trusty Grocery Outlet in Monterey, Paso Robles and Santa Barbara. Its where I found a gallon of Orange Juice for $2 and Boxes of protein bars for $1.49.
Yes, I drank and ate but generally my meals can be pretty much summed up as frugal.
Though I didn't think about food so much as I thought about when to eat...before going out to a night on the town I ate two protein bars and drank 24 oz of water so I didn't "FEEL" hungry and go forgo the overpriced shrimp cocktails.

Honestly, probably the only time I will think about food is in Austin at the Blogher Foodie conference in October.

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