Monday, January 11, 2016

Greedy Traveler

In most of my travels I am solo in part because a) I live in a different location b) I don't have a life partner c) I am greedy.

The last one greedy is apparently what I was referred to as being recently in a conversation about traveling.

For the most part of my life I have given away a Dollar for every dime I have. Additionally, when I am on a wine trip I can be standoffish and just plain annoying due to my wine tastes.

But am I greedy?
I actually had to look up the definition of Greed :

intense and selfish desire for something, especially wealth, power, or food.

Odd that Experiences is not included in that definition. 

Last year my travels were more to find a place to move to or live than actual experience. I went to Santa Barbara, Sacramento and San Luis Obispo. 

Both Santa Barbara and SLO fell off my list not because of anything more than I didn't feel it. 
Sacramento stays on the list because its still inside the state. 
If Sacramento joined Nevada it would fall off the list quickly. 

This year I am going to definitely make it to Eureka, Santa Rosa and back to Sacramento. In addition I am going to travel to Anaheim and Austin just for fun. 

I plan to travel alone for the most part as I am leaving a day earlier or later than others. I am also making specific trip to Eureka this year and Austin I will detour to check on blood relations. 

Yes, I could meet someone new by traveling with them or I could keep my own neurosis in check if someone kept me company. 

It is a 6 hour drive to Eureka from San Jose. It will be longer with stops and starts and I may stop in Santa Rosa due to construction or not. It would take 9 hours via Amtrak and that is if the Capital Corridor isn't having "issues". I even looked at going to Redding then heading over to Eureka and the train was still 8 hours and it left Redding at 2 AM in the morning. 

My travel band of friends are taking a plane to Arcata then driving to Eureka and they don't understand why I don't want to pay $300 for a one hour plane trip. I rather use that money on a great hotel. 

That is other thing that apparently makes me greedy. I stay in a less costly hotel. During the trip to Santa Barbara I stayed at Motel 6 in Goleta while the four bombshells spend over $900 staying three days at a hotel "in town". 

Sorry ladies, my whole trip cost the same amount you spent on a hotel. Sure that breaksdown to $225 per person but still you are spending your money to sleep with someone else. I snore

I also usually get a Zipcar where I am going, so I am doing the driving. This usually isn't an issue unless someone else has rented a minivan to drive us all around.  Well, forgive me "Mompants" but I don't want to hang out in a minivan with your two kids and hubby when I got places to go and people to see. Oh the minivan rental about $300 ( plus gas ) my Zipcar is again less than that and I usually don't have to pay for gas. 

Also I get to know the transit area...usually everything is available and transit at most cost three dollars ($3) one way. I call it life hacking you call me greedy. 

Am I not grateful for my ability to travel? Am I not generous with my time and flexible to go see "what is over there" when I travel? Do I not pick at least one great place to have dinner at and pick up the tab? 

When I do travel with a group its usually a limited time or event. I do this in part because a) we are not close in fact if you saw us together you wouldn't think we know each other b) I have serious trip neurosis especially airplane rides after years traveling to Maui and Oklahoma I have gotten upset traveling and finally c) I don't have a life partner to tell me I am being greedy but I will work on getting one and he can share his neurosis with you. 

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