Wednesday, January 13, 2016


The last two trips to Paso Robles and Monterey respectively I have left my camera at home.

It is not because there wasn't an opportunity to take a picture.
It is not that have I enough pictures already.

I just don't like my camera.

I have to get a new camera.

No really I do.

I already take pictures of the dirt so I need a new camera

I just have to force myself to pay more than what I think a camera should be worth.

Equally how much stuff do I need? 

and if I am walking and talking and/ or driving what about a GoPro?

which makes go back and think about how much do I want to spend on a camera so I can share my pictures and then someone tells me their ipod takes pictures and its their all in one..

I still don't want to pay over $100 for something that is going to make me purchase more subscriptions and get more wifi if I wanted that I would just get an phone

then of course I could just rely on old faithful

unsplash may not be going to Eureka but I think these pictures are way better !

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