Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Bus Route

By now everyone knows about an Greyhound bus accident that happened this past week here in San Jose.

It is a tragedy.

Would seatbelts have helped? I do not know.

In the past five years alone I have taken that same route at least 24 times a year ( A YEAR) on a bus not even including the many times I have driven it.

That route is the same route done by

Mega Bus / Bolt Bus
Private Wine Tours.

EVERYONE traveling to and from LA to SF to make the stop in San Jose goes up and down that same onramp regardless of the carrier.


Is that onramp / area dangerous and do accidents regularly happen there? Not with an amount of frequency that occurs infact I would put it close to maybe 3 a year.

What totally bothers me about this incident is I know those people on the bus.

Not personally, but it easily could have been me on that bus coming home after a three day weekend trip to anywhere south and grabbing the early bus out of town to get to work by 10.

I have been the passenger that sits near the driver.
I have been the passenger that sleeps somewhat uncomfortably but asleep all the same on the way to where ever I am going.
I know drivers who make that trip their life they do it every day and they are good at it. They have to deal with other drivers while you don't have to.

I really do know drivers.

I have no problem with the investigation but I do have a problem with immediate calls and accusations.

The passenger hogging the cameras claiming the driver was doozing off.
Really? Dude how do you know he wasn't trying to keep the bus in gear.
How close were you to the driver where was your seat?
Do you know how to drive a bus? Its not like a car trust me.

I will probably take that exact bus route soon as I try to get out of town for the super bowl apocalypse.
I am thinking of taking an Amtrak to Anaheim or LA in October to jump on a plane to Austin ( I am cheap people seriously ).

All I am saying is that it is HORRIBLE that two people lost their lives to this accident.

Yes, buses lately have been a little unreliable due to fires in engine and weather.

But I don't drive one because I know I can't so please unless you drive a bus please don't make accusations that you can't prove.

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