Friday, January 1, 2016

The Toothbrush

Honestly, the staff, individuals whom work in hotels are very hard working.

They need to turn around a room in under 10 minutes that means

  • vacuum
  • dust
  • swap bedding or make the bed
  • clean the bathroom 
  • clean the toliet
  • replenish towels 
  • replace items to same state
Sometimes it is only one person doing the cleaning of over 47 rooms. 

I will let you figure out the math on that. ( hint it would take a full 8 hours to do it )

Okay an 8 hour shift you have 47 rooms and each room is basic design. 

Some rooms are difficult and some are easy but remember you work for a hotel and you have to have towels ready, bedding, and cleaning supplies. 

So an odd thing or going out of your way help an stay is really just costing you time. Lots of time. 

I forgot my toothbrush at a hotel. The cleaning crew of one person could have just thrown it away. 
Instead she remembered it and I was able to pick it up. 

The Toothbrush may have taken an extra 3 minutes she didn't have but it really did endear me to the hotel chain. 

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