Sunday, January 3, 2016

Traveling and Travel Budget

If there is one thing I adore about is that I can prepay for some of my stays.

I really really do like this feature. It means in May I can pay for my hotel in July.
For three of my six trips last year I prepaid for hotels, cars, and even events.

I admit when you prepay it means you are spending money that you would have already spent during that time but, in my cases my travels are usually planned out a minimum of 2 to 3 months in advance.

So when I want to go do WineRoad Wineland on January 16th and 17th I usually check hotel rooms well in advance like November. Since the SuperBowl is coming to town the hotels are exorbitant just because of proximity to San Francisco.

When I realized the hotel situation was not going to improve I adjusted my expectations and decided a day trip is all I will do and I have to settle on three wineries.

In Santa Rosa only.

Why? Well a two hour drive plus the golden gate will start early enough for Breakfast arrive in time to do my personally favorite activity ever and then go to lunch then wine taste slowly then head home.

All for just about $150 because the wine taste will occur in just one section and I won't be driving.

Why Santa Rosa only? Simply heading over on some of the other roads and tours was a) very time consuming b) very expensive and finally c) no way I could get thru the event.

Now if I had all the money in the world?

I wold leave Friday afternoon check into hotel and Saturday let someone else do the driving head back to hotel Saturday night and leave Sunday afternoon.

Will I still do that?


The WineRoad Wineland is a great event but I know Santa Rosa isn't going anywhere and sometimes going someplace off season is the best way to see a place.

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