Monday, February 22, 2016

Buy Airline Tickets on Wednesdays and make Hotel Reservations on Monday #TravelAdvice

It is odd how once you tell someone you travel a lot they give you advice.
During the recent Super Bowl 50 montage I found myself wondering why advice is free and is it worth it.

First off, the one piece advice I kinda do promote is getting travel insurance. Especially, if you are taking trips away from your area. I have been traveling south for a while but my next couple of trips will take me north and then I may head out of state again. Considering most travel insurance is somewhere between $50 to $75 depending on what / where you are going it is worth it.

Next, the day/time you purchase tickets is all over the place but the one thing is check with your credit card first. You can have lots of miles/bonuses available to you already just from your credit card. Next, check your memberships from AAA to CostCo you can find some "benefits" you are not using.

Now, I have said this a couple of times and totally advise getting eagle creek travel gear. What no one else will tell you is you should clean your travel gear a least a month before. I have now "washed" my Go Bag  with soap and water then I dried it and sprayed with Disenfecting spray and let dry.

I can honestly say this is an absolute must for me when I travel and its because I carry one with me regardless ...a portable first aid kit. The Red Cross has several reasonable kits that will fit into your Go Bag easily.

Finally, you do need an ER kit and that can go with your first aid kit from having your Emergency information to a spare credit card or cash if you are traveling putting a $10 bill in your rolled up socks in your carryon is better than wishing you could remember Auntie's number when you are in the ER.

We all get advice on where to go and what to do ...but do we ever use it ?

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