Saturday, February 20, 2016

Film Festivals and You

I did not know the world of film festivals until about 2007 or just 10 years too late.
Did you know you can go to about 10 film festivals in California alone?
Do you know what to bring?
Which to see?
From the top of California to San Diego there is a lot of film festivals to go to.

The thing is aside from tracking a lot of miles and sleeping and trying to generally live life there is some rules.

First, bring both cold and warm clothes with you. This means a parka pairs with board shorts kinda of clothes.
Second, learn the local watering holes nine times out of ten there is after party or pre screening parties to be had.
Thirdly, if you are driving get AAA or All State or know a mechanic in every town ...I saw a guy lose his life savings trying to repair his Volkswagon.
Finally, have a lot of memory sticks or film for your camera.

There is Big Bear Lake Film Festival  near San Bernardino totally worth it and fun.

Then head North to the Humboldt Film Festival which will be after the Redwood Jazz Festival but still a good film festival to enjoy.

Before Thanksgiving but after Halloween is the Napa Valley Film Festival while it seems gratuitous to mention that this film festival is fun its also a good way to start the holiday season too.

In the heat of the summer you want to be indoors and what best way to do that then spending time watching a French Film festival in Sacramento?

Kick off your summer with the Santa Cruz Film Festival June 1st. The best way to view some movies is with sand between your toes.

Finally, end the year off with the Tahoe Adventure Film Festival because nothing gets your heart pounding like a virtual avalanche

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