Saturday, February 6, 2016

Travel : Love to Travel

I will admit I am very excited about my upcoming trips this year and next weekend is Valentine's Day weekend complete with Lent so what will I do to properly celebrate.

Stay Home.

Yeah, I am staying home in part because of all the events and stuff I am going to do here.

So why haven't I booked my trip to Australia or even Tennessee ?

I have a phobia of screwing up plans by making said plans.

Case in point, I had thought I could go to the BlogHer Food Conference in October and made the mistake of mentioning it to a coworker who ...FLIPPED OUT and just totally screamed that I couldn't go out of town prior to an event.

What I DID NOT KNOW was the mere fact that the event in October that conflicts with my sorta planned travel is going to be less than a week away.

While totally unfortunate response it served to remind me that sometimes you can plan travel and sometimes you have to wing it.

By wing it ...check out the weather for the Super Bowl in January it was all rain and its going to be about 70 degrees


So while the birds start to wonder what the heck is going on and start their spring time rituals due to the unseasonable weather the rest of us are buying Eagle Creek packs and staying local because probably right after March 27 (easter) we will be jet setting across the globe.

Yet, you will probably miss out on some great deals like going to Paso Robles or heading to Sacramento or sky diving virtually in Super Bowl City.

Yet, take a minute and review where to go and how to get there then pick up your Go Bag and go.

Next weekend is a three day weekend.

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