Friday, February 26, 2016

Wine Festivals...EVERYWHERE

It is true the other optional name for my blog here was going to be Wine Go A Go but the reality is far different and I think someone has trademarked saying already.

So the fact is I really like wine. Its true.

In 2015 some of my travels did not involve too much wine but it was a central piece of my puzzle.

Without further ado here are some wine festivals and why you should go to them.

When I first got into travel and wine was courtesy of two events the ZAP Festival and the Sunset Open House

After that I was kinda a goner for food and wine festivals from Finger Lakes  to Washington State wine fests

First off, you do have to choose your preferred wine like Cabernet Sauvignon exclusive or Chardonnay in Pismo Beach?

If you are not picky and rather check out a location versus a wine there is a lot to choose from.
I can say from personal experience when you travel 100 miles and find the same wine that you would have at home its disappointing so, how far are you willing to travel.
I personally want to go Baltimore but the reality is Chicago is calling me too.
I trying to avoid relatives in Texas by going to a Blogher Foodie Conference in Austin.

It is tough to decide then try the economics near festivals can increase their price but some festivals have great pricing. So then there is travel to and from.
I generally will only go to festivals near the $150 VIP experience range solely because I will loop it with other activities.

There are wine festivals that go well beyond that with additional entry into Amusement Parks and Music included

So what do you do if you want to go to a wine festival...first check out LocalWineEvents because you may be surprised to find a festival right around the corner.

After that, see about a wine and food event that benefits charity  including dogs
Finally, know that even if you don't find an festival that you want to spend time, money and effort to go to the is the option of having the festival of wine come to you in a monthly delivery !

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