Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Celebration Weekend in Sonoma

The fact is I do look at my calendar and know there are certain events I want to go to and there are certain events I have to go to.

One such event is the Sunset Magazine Celebration Weekend. This annual tradition has been held as an open house for their property in Menlo Park, CA. A mere hop, skip, jump away from my home in Oz.

Since Sunset Magazine has relocated to Oakland, CA ( THANK YOU !!!! ) they will hold their Celebration weekend in Sonoma Conerstone. The new location is similar to Margarita Ranch near Atascadero, CA.

Again, Sonoma is just a little longer hop, skip and jump away in a Zipcar, but still its a trek. The price is about right and should be a good weekend to go especially since its after Mother's Day and before all the Graduation hoopla starts.

The opportunity to expand you trip would include a sojourn to Santa Rosa or tour the campus at Sonoma State.

One thing I do recommend if you should be going is sunscreen. No matter what makeup I use or slather on gallons of SPF XXX I always get burnt at this event.
Bring sunscreen...lots.

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