Sunday, March 20, 2016

Clothes for anything

I use to pack two pairs of underwear for everyday I was traveling.  Which is probably a good idea if you think about it, but realistically having six bras for three days can take up a lot of room in your carry on baggage.

When I headed out of town with less than four outfits I was surprised that it all worked out so well. Now, I am heading again out of town for a few days but I wanted to wear this cute outfit that is now ruined because I don't have the right shoes for it.

Do I keep said undesirable item and try to pair it with a different footwear ? Or do I declutter it like it was toilet paper?

I put the garment back on and pranced around the home with it and finally decided to declutter it because someone else can wear it.

Now I am in a fix because the outfit I planned to wear has been donated to Goodwill.

What to wear to an Jazz Festival in the Redwoods? I am afraid my Anne Klein dress maybe too much sans cowboy boots and I won't be able to grab a pair with enough patina for me to look #cool.

This is why the old standby of tennis shoes, jeans and a tshirt are clothes for anything. Think about it...hurricane comes along a great pair of jeans are perfect.
Earthquake happens denim can usually withstand the shaking and tsunamis don't happen very often to land locked states.

Levi's, Lee's and more will meet your needs man or woman, dog or cat.

Jeans are perfect for travel and adventure.

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