Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Don't Tell Anyone Where You Are Going

Okay, this may sound extreme but, the reality is before you bolt out of town you should play it really, really cool on social media.

There has been numerous reports of thieves stalking social media looking for an easy heist while you sit in the sun on the sandy beach and take a selfie with a sand castle.

I learned the hard way but, not the same way you think.

I was heading all around the state last year so you know when I took a bus ride over the hill or down to the coast I felt safe because I was going to be back the same day.

Yet, my thief / stalker was patiently waiting for me at the destination. When I do day-trips I try to share with people on social media just for the ease of use of public transit or a really good deal on clam chowder.

So my thief stood there in plain sight and I easily walked up and thought nothing of our exchange until I got home.

A $4 transaction fee was on my account.

Yup my thief was the ATM machine or the mere fact I used debit instead of credit.

I called my bank to see what I could do about this and it was taken care of but when I mentioned I am traveling more this year the helpful representative advised me to use only approved partner ATM's and if possible pay with credit or cash as I got the $4 waived it was the additional $2.50 non bank ATM from my own bank that I couldn't get rid of.

You were sure I was going to tell you about the horrible guy who dresses as a PG&E employee going thru the mail or the kids going to homes in the middle of the night of known vacationers.

Those happen DAILY. Crime doesn't stop when you go on vacation so if you are posting on Social media your travels hide your home city location, mark your posts as private and maybe wait until after you get home to complain about the sand getting everywhere.

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